Our top 2022 science news articles


Our top 2022 science news articles

Playful bumble bees that use toys are a quantum prank that challenges our understanding of reality. Our top 2022 science news articles.

Additionally, there is artificial intelligence that shields you against other artificial intelligence.  Even if they weren’t the biggest scientific breakthroughs of the year, they were some of the most loved and read web stories of 2022. For the entire list, keep reading!

Ancient history’s quickest exodus was undertaken by mysterious warriors.

The Avars were a mysterious group who assisted in the fall of the Roman Empire before disappearing from historical records.

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Now, DNA from their tombs provides information about their origins and the speed and distance of their migration—a record in early human history.

An ancient virus may be protecting the human placenta.

Can a virus become domesticated? Suppressyn isn’t going to curl up on your lap, but after invading our ancient ancestors about 30 million years ago, it appears to have settled down in our genome.

Does technology track you? A new AI might be able to stop listening to

Nowadays, it seems like every piece of technology, from smartphones to smart speakers, is spying on us. According to this story, the same artificial intelligence that makes this eavesdropping possible may also assist in preventing it. When we speak, neural voice camouflage creates an audio smokescreen to confuse any potential listeners with artificial intelligence.

Science documents the reactions to the asteroid-smashing expedition behind the scenes.

Scientists are also people. This behind-the-scenes look at NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission demonstrates how they shout, holler, and sometimes even lose their minds.

Are the bumble bees here using playthings?

It’s not quite the World Cup, but researchers have spotted bumble bees playing with miniature wooden balls. The insects seem to be simply enjoying themselves as they roll the items around. Another justification to be kind to one of our preferred pollinators.

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Baby names may be influenced by the weather. A couple of unusual elders may be on their way out, beloved elders.Saints. even fictional figures. There are numerous sources for baby names. According to this study, pleasant weather can also have an impact, possibly elevating a few uncommon names.

The weather may have an impact on baby names. There might be a few odd ones that go off.

respectable seniors. Saints. even fictitious characters. Baby names can be found in many places. This study suggests that favorable weather may also have an effect, maybe promoting a few obscure names.

The friars in medieval times were parasites.

ye.commastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmas, and Why, therefore, were they more likely than their less hygienic counterparts to experience parasite infestations? Their unusual gardening practices may hold the answer.

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