Robot with Pen: The Field of AI creative tools

Robot with Pen: The Field of AI creative tools

The world is shifting for authors as writing robots that are easily available on the internet produce content. Robot with Pen: The Field of AI creative tools explain here.

You know who wrote that wonderful college essay, a person or a machine, right? Nowadays, there are many options for people to make their life simpler, such as using software that makes it easier to do assignments or the vast quantity of material that is easily accessible internet and can be utilize in many different ways.

Professional writers:

Professional writers like playwrights, novelists, and reporters can also use robots to complete their work, maybe even more effectively. This is accomplish using Ai Technology (AI) or online writing assistance programs that may be use to write for a variety of purposes, including news articles, novels, and college essays.

The use of AI technology by students to swiftly develop ideas, outline drafts, and create essays with high-quality information that is both well-argue and well-written has increase. Numerous AI programs are promot to pupils. In 2021, a lot of essay-generating programs were release, and this year, there are many more.

For students and higher education in general, AI that produces unique content has the potential to be both empowering and disruptive. Will it impair their capacity to learn and express themselves?


Students nowadays have a wide range of alternatives, but the issue is whether these tools will actually benefit us or merely increase our reliance on technology. Are we loosing our creative edge and merely following the crowd as a result of our dependence on technology?

The need for freelance content writers has increased dramatically in Pakistan over the past four years, and nearly every student enrolled in a university has tried their hand at creating content in an effort to supplement their income and pay for tuition or save money.

The youthful generation was introduce to various software programs that are use to copy and rephrase the original text along with these options for content writing.

Content writing :

When compared to what you might make at this level inside the Pakistani market, the projects are all from learners in the United States or the UK, and we finish them for them.


Khan had a bachelor’s degree from a prestigious institution, but she was unable to find She was unable to find job in her field, so she thought about looking into alternatives.

I.A software:

Despite spending four years in school, she claims, “I never heard about this software.”  In addition, there are a number of programs that assist with paraphrasing and even properly citing sources for research papers.

Enter “paraphrasing tools,” “citing tools,” and “plagiarism checks” into Google, and presto… Students now have access to a variety of applications. But do these aid pupils or hinder their capacity to improve their abilities?

Professional writing slash

Software developer Muhammad Abbas predicts that it will eventually dominate every industry: “It is becoming a component of everything.” However, since a person is still requir to run AI, human intervention will not be fully replace.

Little participation of humans

Abbas cover a number of examples, ranging from just being able to anticipate the climate to a cleaning machine, to illustrate how human participation is decreasing. Despite the fact that everything is now technology-base, humans are still require to run some equipment.

It is comparable to writing software, however even writing software still requires you to provide it a topic or a number of links on related topics in order to create a document.

Thanks to AI, nearly anybody can now become a writer and make a job online by providing marketing material. AI is a field of computer science that develops methods, algorithms, and software that allow computers to appear to possess human-like cognitive skills. As humans, we must adjust to technology, says Abbas.

 “However, we also need to keep in mind that we were the ones who created this tech and will be responsible for maintaining it. 

Newest essay

Any company owner or brand manager may make money online by having AI produce short and long content for their site, social networking accounts, and or blog.

Any company owner or brand manager may make money online by having AI produce short and long content for their website, social networking accounts, and/or blog.

Despite the fact that AI writing remains in its infancy and is far flawless, it is obvious that it poses a danger to the survival of professional writers. After all, a machine can generate text that is similar to that written by a human writer, so why would anybody need to engage a genuine person to perform the work?

The latest book

Even highly skilled professions like journalism and book writing might someday be mechanized by AI, in addition to low-skilled jobs like content generation. By fact, a Japanese company has already developed an AI program that can write books better than humans.

A fresh newsroom

In Pakistani media organizations, a similar concept has been gaining favor, and in recent times, we have observed the consolidation of newsrooms under a single large roof. According to Muhammad Asim Siddique, web director of a private daily, “the notion is not too distant from reality is constructing news articles from three to four news pieces and generating a new narrative out of it.”


The program may be used to create a fresh fourth article for you, for instance, if three reporters from various networks and publications covered a press conference and submitted their reports on it.

Translate tales:

The concept that either journalism is disappearing or artificial intelligence will take over writing is still being debated, but it is certain that the human perspective on the tales and physical presence have decreased over the past several years. According to Siddique, “the majority of organizations don’t want to spend money sending out journalists when they can have actual video from TV and articles from wires.” Even listening software exists that can translate tales; just minor subediting is needed.

Everyone is heading toward automation to save time and use their skills in other areas as the world changes. If we don’t keep up with the rapidly changing world, that we already are doing in some ways, we will fall behind.

Siddique points out that one still cannot deny the idea that AI is eliminating many jobs in the future and that it is here to stay.

AI market:

Current revenue projections indicate that the worldwide AI market would produce close to $126 million by 2025. Artificial intelligence may be used to automatically edit and proofread documents. Grammarly as well as other intelligent proofreading tools may spot spelling problems, find overused and challenging phrases, and better understand context. It is crucial to note that AI will create objective material. It creates all fact-based information on a variety of topics and in a variety of formats. Because artificial intelligence can access an endless amount of web resources, it can explore further and faster than you can. In light of this, picking the right keywords is crucial if you want AI writers to successfully explore the web.

Lack of imagination

Technology has been infuse into our life, and we as consumers are hooked to it. This includes Grammarly, autocorrect, paraphrase tools, and essay writers. Kashaf Saleem, a second-year bachelor’s student, asks, “Why would I spend 3–4 hours reading books, surfing the internet, and writing my own term paper when everyone I have to do is utilize minimal software?”

She describes how she uses internet tools for research project tasks that her older sister utilized at her university and then shared with Kashaf.

She admits that although she uses her leisure time to teach in order to finance her tuition, she feels that her own talents have been impaired because autocorrect or Grammarly help her recall spellings.

Nobody’s touch

Although using AI to create essays is convenient and time-saving, there are several limitations that one must be aware of. Artificial intelligence, in contrast to human authors, often lacks a particular literary style, sounds robotic, and lacks the human touch in its writing.


Siddique warns, “It could seem like someone else,” but generally, using AI to create articles will save you time and money in comparison to other writing options.

The upcoming

The personal interaction in the tales cannot be eliminated and must come from people, despite the fact that various types of software are used by journalists in newsrooms or are adjusting to it.

According to Ali Tahir, who runs an internet site and studies mass communication at the university level, journalists shouldn’t worry that their professions will disappear because computers can only provide hard-core content. “No program can produce human aspect stories or tales that require personal perspective visualization.”

New technologies:

Tahir asserts that journalists nowadays must embrace new technologies and utilize it wisely. “They should let technology perform the research for them and simplify their work, like at press briefings when human viewpoint tales are unnecessary. However, they need to concentrate and carve out their place in investigative and fundamental journalism.

Although machine learning (AI) is now a crucial component of the global new media ecosystem, Pakistan lags far behind other nations in terms of AI use. Even still, it’s possible that very soon we’ll see politicians and other decision-makers provide live video hookups to newsrooms for reporting. By doing this, they will save time, money on transportation, and expenditures for lodging and meals.

 The Best Free AI Writing Assistants are:

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  • Grammarly Enterprise
  • Jasper
  • Rytr
  • Any Word
  • Simplified
  • Peppertype
  • Scalenut



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