A Facebook bug for hours distributed spam comments

A Facebook bug for hours distributed spam comments from famous people to everyone.


Memes were circulate to profit on the violence.A Facebook bug for hours distributed spam comments but why? Facebook experience a bizarre bug on Wednesday morning that cause users to receive an endless stream of messages from well-known accounts. Many Verge employees who try to utilize the social networking site ran into the same issue. 

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Users swiftly took advantage of the weakness by sending famous people memes they knew would go viral. One of the often share images I observe on my own feed was a picture of a turkey sandwich with the caption “If you see this, share it to Keep the turkey sandwich going with another celebrity Facebook page. It seemed as though every admirer of that celebrity had already seen the picture in their feed at that moment.
Facebook acknowledged on Wednesday that some users are seeing strange posts in their news feeds and promised that it is trying to fix the problem. For more than three hours, numerous individuals from all over the world have been venting about seeing random posts and activity tickers from strangers on celebrities’ sites on their timelines.

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 The bug’s existence, the first of its type in recent memory, implies that any posts or interactions made by strangers on a celebrity page that you’ve liked are likely to show up in your feed.

Celebrity spam is apparently flooding people’s news feeds on Facebook as a result of a significant bug. Yes, I do.

People immediately (and inevitably) turned to other social media platforms to share memes about the issue, though it’s unclear whether the problem is the result of a bug.

Source: theverge

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