Twitter will increase its political advertising

   .eeTwitter will increase its political advertising allowance

Twitter will also loosen its restrictions on “cause-based ads” in the US. Twitter will increase its political advertising allowance.

In an apparent reversal of its 2019 global prohibition on political ads, Elon Musk-owned Twitter Inc. said on Tuesday that it will allow more sorts of political advertisements on the social media site.


In a tweet, the firm said that it will ease its ban on “cause-based commercials” in the United States and that going ahead, it would harmonize its advertising guidelines “with those of TV and other media outlets.” Now Twitter will increase its political advertising .

2019 saw Twitter outlaw political advertising following harsh criticism directed at it and other social media platforms like Facebook for permitting the spread of false information about elections. Additionally, it prohibited commercials for social purposes.

The announcement of the change  made via a tweet from Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter.

Since Musk took over Twitter in late October, corporate advertisers have fled as a result of the Tesla CEO firing thousands of workers, undoing Donald Trump’s permanent suspension, and rushing a paid verification feature that led to scammers posing as publicly traded companies on the social media platform.

Last month, Musk justified his drastic cost-cutting tactics and said that Twitter will have a $3 billion “negative cash flow” in 2019. Twitter will increase its political advertising  soon.

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Beyond what is specified in the tweet, it is unclear exactly what would change under the new policy. However, the resurgence of political advertising might significantly alter the landscape, particularly before the 2024 US presidential election.

We contacted Twitter for further information, but since Elon Musk became CEO, the firm closed its press office, so we don’t anticipate hearing back.

However, this isn’t the only modification to Twitter’s advertising policy that will take effect on Tuesday. In the US, the corporation is also “loosening” its rules for “cause-based” advertisements (i.e., those addressing issues like climate change or social equality). On a Twitter website, we discovered specific adjustments for this one that show what’s changing.

Ads are subject to limitations, such as “geo, keyword, and interest targeting,” and they shouldn’t “have the primary objective of pushing political, judicial, legislative, or regulatory results,” according to this Twitter website.

However, a bullet point add on Tuesday states that “advertisers whose cause-based advertising target solely within the United States are immune from the above-list restrictions” (it is not includ in this cach version from earlier in the day).

“Cause-based advertising may stimulate public discourse around critical problems,” Twitter claims as justification for the shift. It’s uncertain whether the regulations will ever be loosenoutside of the US.

Twitter said it would “align” its advertising strategy “with those of TV and other media channels” in a broader sense.

Additionally, it states that it will “first verify that our process to vetting and approving material protects users on Twitter” with any adjustments, which may be an admission that it won’t make extreme changes right away like the unexpected restriction on connections to rival websites that was swiftly lifted.



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